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CodeCanyon USPS Shipping method for WooCommerce

The USPS Shipping Method plugin for WooCommerce will get real-time rates from
the UPS API. The plugin work with domestic and International package.

USPS key must be for Production, contact USPS if you want them to enable it.
Development key will not work.
NEW Box Packing feature, add boxes and it will calculate which box and
how much box to use
Rename default shipping name to suit your needs. With the included auto
update, future updates will be available directly from WordPress interface.
Priority Mail
Express Mail
Standard Post
Express Mail International
Priority Mail International
Global Express Guaranteed
First Class Package Service
Changelog:v2.0.1– April 11 2014
Fixed Multiple Trackingv2.0.0 – April 09 2014
Added Multiple Trackingv1.1.5 – March 28 2014
Added Box Packing
Updated SYN dependencies
Cleanup code
Changed error textv1.1.4 – March 26 2014
Updated auto updaterv1.1.3 – March 24 2014
Added weight based shippingv1.1.2 – February 28 2014
Fix 404 errorv1.0.9 – February 24 2014
Fix some international countries name preventing good rates
Fix countries with no provincev1.0.8 – January 28 2014
Fix WC_Version noticev1.0.3 – April 25 2013
Added a way to change shipping methods name
Added update from WordPress
Fixed weight
Fixed First Class Parcelv1.0.2 – April 24 2013
Fixed post to USPS API

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