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New in version 4.0
Added compatibility with Aelia Currency Switcher with multi currency
You can now have validation features applied to the options created with
the builder when they support it.
You can now include global forms to individual products even if they are
not assigned to those forms
When choosing an image replacement or a picture to replace the product
image you can now select between the various image sizes that WordPress
applies to that image.

Extra Product Options allows you to create extra price fields on your
WooCommerce products. The current version supports checkboxes, radio buttons,
select boxes, textareas, input boxes, upload, date, range picker and color
Options are created locally on the edit product page or globally. For each
option you have the option to name it, describe it, choose the order and give an
optional price. You can control the placement of the fields you create.
Supports checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes, textareas, input boxes,
upload, date, range picker and color picker.
More field types will be available soon!
Prices can change depending on the selected variation for per product
Global enabled options.
Form Fields Builder
Show your options from outside WooCommerce product screen using action
Show your option anywhere on the product page.
Enable the options for specific roles.
Choice between fixed or percentage price increase
Limit checkbox selection
Exact selection feature for checkboxes
Import/export functions to forms.
Lazy load images for radios and checkboxes.
Change product image for radios and checkboxes.
Price per character feature for textfields and textareas.
Extra styling for radios and checkboxes.
Performance increase for big number of options.
Image replacement for checkboxes and radio button on Global Options
Choose the grid display for checkboxes and radio button for Global
Hide or show prices
Display sections options as a pop up
Conditional logic for fields and sections.
Sections can be displayed normally, as a pop up or a slider.
Upload manager
Compatible with Aelia Currency Switcher (aelia_co).
Compatible with Woothemes Composite Products.
Compatible with Woothemes Measurement Price
Compatible with Woothemes WooCommerce Subscriptions.
Compatible with Woothemes WooCommerce Quick View,
WooCommerce Quickview, Yith Quick view
plugin, Flatsome theme quick view, Venedor
theme quick view, Kleo theme quick view,
Rubbez_theme quick_view.
Compatible with Woothemes Measurement Price Calculator
Compatible with WooCommerce
Dynamic Pricing & Discounts.
Compatible with WooCommerce
Currency Switcher.
Detailed documentation.
and more …
You can view the online documentation here
03.08.2015 version 4.1.2
Fixed an issue with WPML translation.
Fixed selects on bazar theme.
Fixed the advanced cart for Flatsome theme.
Fixed select boxes for Bazar theme.
Fixed an issue with the step x price price type on range picker.
Fixed an issue on certain themes that the same image was shown on shop
Fixed an issue with the creation of slider wizards on the backend.
Fixed an issue when editing prices and quantities on the backend
Fixed an issue with the tax fee calculations.
Fixed an issue where the conditional logic was being reset upon cloning an
26.07.2015 version 4.1
Fixed an issue with Dynamic Pricing & Discounts plugin when using
Fixed a display error when using WPML on non product pages.
Fixed an issue with the subscriptions fee.
Fixed fontawesome conflicts with themes using older versions.
Fixed an issue with shortcodes not loading options on some
Fixed an issue on Composite products when using the stepped method.
Fixed a conflict with themes already utilizing owlCarousel.
Added a setting to enable the display of image replacement in cart and
19.07.2015 version 4.1
Fixed an issue on negative prices with Pricing discounts enabled.
Fixed an issue with WooCommerce Multilingual where same products with
different options where combined to one product.
Fixed an issue where the cart item price with woothemes Measurement Price
Calculator wasn’t taking into account option prices.
Fixed an issue where the wrong link was displayed on translated WPML
global forms list.
Fixed a display issue with the date picker.
Fixed an issue on Composites products when using products that are sold
Fixed an issue on Composites products where the review/summary was
displaying wrong prices.
Options with price type Fee now inherit the tax status and tax class of
the product.
Added text before price setting.
Added support for WooCommerce Quickview.
Added upload manager.
Added slider style for sections.
Backend speed improvements.
Made validations errors more noticeable to the user.
29.06.2015 version 4.0.5
Fixed a display issue with WPML.
Fixed an issue where the totals box was being displayed when it
Fixed an issue with styled variations in composite products.
Fixed an issue on updating items saved option values on the admin
Fixed a conflict between Composite products and discounts when not using
per product pricing.
Fixed an issue with Composite products and validation.
Fixed an issue with Woo Deposits that was showing wrong number on order
Fixed a display issue on styled variations when using UTF-8 attribute
Fixed an issue with translation of option on the admin Order.
Added setting to control the translation of option on the admin Order for
Added class name “tm-attribute-disabled” for disabled styled variation
Added Minimum number of selected choices for checkboxes.
Added setting to choose the decimal separator for user inputs.
16.06.2015 version 4.0.4
Fixed an issue with the variation styling when using special characters on
Fixed an issue with Pricing Discounts and Composite Products.
Fixed a quickview bug on certain themes.
Fixed an issue when the options are outside the form.
Fixed an issue on themes using jQuery 2 that was breaking the
Fixed an issue with the positioning of the required indicator.
Added skins for the datepicker.
Added global setting to include the tax string suffix on totals
13.06.2015 version 4.0.3
Fixed a conflict between the quickview and the floating totals.
Fixed a conflict between the quickview and the change product image
Fixed a layout issue when creating options on radios,checkboxes and
Fixed an issue with the hex color replacement feature.
Fixed an issue on the saved Order fields.
Fixed an issue where validation negative number were being converted to
Fixed the Limit and Exact selection settings to include the optional
quantity selectors.
11.06.2015 version 4.0.2
Added compatibility with Aelia Currency Switcher with multi-currency
Added support multi-currency support for WooCommerce Currency
Fixed several ui bugs.
Fixed conditional logic when using q-translate-x formatted text.
05.06.2015 version 4.0.1
Fixed an issue on stock visibility.
Fixed an issue with the date picker that prevent it from working.
Fixed edit Order to include the item value and added delete ability.
Fixed an issue with the styled variations.
Added strings for calendar “Today” and “Done” buttons.
Added internal naming system for builder elements.
02.06.2015 version 4.0
Added ability to edit the options on the order page.
Added support for Yith Quick view plugin.
Added support for Yith Zoom Magnifier plugin.
Added support for venedor quick view.
Added setting to globally auto hide zero prices.
Added setting to allow only specific dates on datepicker.
Added tooltip setting for styled variations.
Added ability to select related image sizes for image replacements.
Added support for themes using the selectric plugin.
Added position setting for showing the value of the range picker.
Added global settings override for builder elements.
Added minimum and maximum values for text fields.
Added minimum characters for text fields.
Added validation features for builder elements.
Added ability to include additional global forms on the product.
Fixed conditional logic on main composite product.
Fixed some issues with woothemes WooCommerce Subscriptions.
24.04.2015 version 3.0.12
Fixed an issue with the template system.
Fixed filter errors on Order page.
Fixed an issue with the cart replacement image.
Fixed an issue where global forms broke when deleted products where
Change text domain to woocommerce-tm-extra-product-options for
compatibility with plugins like loco translation.
Added support for WP Rocket cdn for images used on options.
Added setting to disable add to cart button until an option is
Added two new char based price types.
Added setting to display a reset icon for radio fields.
Added prefix and suffix to display discounts on product page for Dynamic
Pricing & Discounts.
11.04.2015 version 3.0.11
Fixed showing the correct thumbnail on cart when image replacement is
Fixed Orders display when no fields are being used.
03.04.2015 version 3.0.10
Fixed the clear cart feature.
Fixed rounding of price options.
Fixed Free price replacement on related products.
Added setting to prevent negative priced products from being added to the
cart (requires WooCommerce 2.3+)
Advanced cart setting doesn’t override email templates any more.
20.03.2015 version 3.0.9
Fixed a bug with Advanced Custom Fields Pro
Fixed compatibility with Composite Products.
Fixed the edit options feature for checkboxes and radio buttons.
Fixed a case where options cannot be saved.
Added default value setting for range picker.
13.03.2015 version 3.0.8
Added setting to show quantity selector only for elements with a
Added advanced cart display setting.
Added ability to edit options after product has been added to cart.
Changed the display of options on admin Order view.
Fixed WPML compatibility.
Fixed an error on add to cart validation.
Fixed woothemes Subscriptions to include saved options when changing
Fixed a bug on limit box selection.
Fixed a bug where the upload field didn’t save the price to the cart.
Fixed a bug with the date picker if only Sundays where disabled.
Fixed a bug with the date picker showing the calendar at the bottom of the
Fixed a bug with Currency Converter when using certain price types.
Fixed a bug on import/export function with utf-8 headings.
13.02.2015 version 3.0.7
Fixed an issue with prices not calculating correctly.
Fixed a bug where a required radio button wasn’t working.
Fixed some css issues for mobile devices.
12.02.2015 version 3.0.6
Fixed an issue with prices not calculating correctly.
Added quantity selector for options.
Added selected options to floating box.
11.02.2015 version 3.0.5
Fixed a conflict with product images for users updating for 2.x
Fixed some variations display issues.
Fixed a bug with price per char.
Added reset button for variation attributes.
Changed the display of inactive variation attributes.
10.02.2015 version 3.0.4
Added support for WooCommerce 2.3
Fixed default values on select boxes.
Fixed an issue with Ninja forms.
Fixed an issue with the price on the cart not showing up.
Fixed an issue with the styled radios and checkboxes.
Fixed an issue with the Min/Max quantities plugin.
Fixed an issue with quick view.
Performance increase on front-end.
Changed some displayed aspects so that they are always responsive.
01.02.2015 version 3.0.3
Added the label setting for the variations section.
Rename the Clear variation to Reset options and added setting to choose
alternative text.
Added setting for choosing the selected border type on swatches.
Added setting for choosing the display of terms on variations.
Fixed an issue with the Clef plugin.
29.01.2015 version 3.0.2
Fixed an issue with image variations not being displayed.
Fixed an issue with product image not being changed.
Fixed some css conflicts.
Fixed an issue where the Free price label was displaying incorrectly.
Fixed an issue where quick view was displaying incorrectly.
Fixed the custom widths and height on image variations.
Restored tooltip on range picker.
28.01.2015 version 3.0.1
Fixed an issue with tooltips on swatches.
Fixed an issue with WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts
Fixed some css issues on variations.
26.01.2015 version 3.0
Fixed compatibility with Woothemes Composite Products.
Fixed an issue where a product was displaying wrong price on admin
products list.
Fixed an issue with conditional logic on select boxes.
Fixed an issue with WooCommerce Subscriptions.
Fixed a bug on the Change Product image feature.
Fixed the Hide uploaded file path setting to include emails and customer
order history.
Fixed double clicking on radio images.
Fixed a bug on price type “Percent of the original price + options” when
used on radio buttons.
Fixed an issue where the text editor wasn’t updating text when switching
Fixed an issue for the “Cannot redeclare wc_get_product()” related error
on previous WooCommerce versions.
Fixed an error where no initial values where entered for the range
Fixed an issue for Composites products where products having css classes
applied on them were controlling the appearance of following products.
Added customization feature for variations and they can now used for
conditional logic.
Added support for WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts.
Added support for Flatsome quick view.
Added support for disabled dates and weekdays on date picker.
Added color picker field.
Added tooltip as an option for subtitles.
Added setting to not show the totals box if options price is zero.
Added filter ‘tm_epo_cart_options_prices’ applied to options before they
are added to product price.
Added unofficial compatibility with WPML.
Added setting to allow changing the product image with a custom image for
radios,checkboxes and select boxes.
Redesigned the “change product image” feature to allow the change to
happen without the need for the field to have image display.
Changed plugin internal name to “WooCommerce TM Extra Product
20.12.2014 version 2.5.11
Restored compatibility with Woothemes Composite Products.
Added compatibility with Woothemes Measurement Price Calculator.
Added current value price type for text field (donation like).
Added setting to enable a floating box of the totals.
Fixed an issue with the range picker’s step*price setting.
15.12.2014 version 2.5.10
Fixed a bug in shortcodes..
Fixed issue for activation on some server configurations.
13.12.2014 version 2.5.7
Added WordPress 4.1 support.
Added live change on price for textareas and text fields.
Added hex color support for replacement images.
Added option for checkboxes to allow an exact number checked only.
Added support for WooCommerce shortcodes.
Added Taxes support.
Added ability to use url parameters to fill field values.
Changed the uploaded file path to be a link on cart page.
Extended range picker with two more value options.
Fixed issue with ninja forms.
Fixed an issue with extra slashes.
Fixed an issue with the section popup on certain themes.
Fixed an issue where styled elements could not be clicked.
Fixed an issue were required Fees could not be added to the cart.
21.10.2014 version 2.5.5
Added Bundle rate shipping compatibility.
Fixed force select setting.
Fixed WooCommerce Currency Switcher compatibility.
Fixed Quick View compatibility.
Added default WordPress strings to datapicker.
Added setting to always show final total regardless of options.
Fixed js toggle.
Fixed imprort/export function.
25.09.2014 version 2.5.4
Fix: Fixed fee calculation for WooCommerce 2.2+.
Fix: Fixed range picker not displaying when step value was different than
Fix: Fixed auto updater.
Fix: Fixed subscription fee error when the cart was being deleted.
11.09.2014 version 2.5.3
Fix: Fixed import function.
Feature: Added two more conditional type calculations.
09.09.2014 version 2.5.2
Fix: Fixed URL redirect for image replacements.
Fix: Fixed images not showing for radios and checkboxes when lazy load is
Feature: Added Accordion type for sections.
05.09.2014 version 2.5.1
Fix: Fixed an issue where lazy load did not load images inside a hidden
Feature: Added setting to disable lazy load images
Bug: Corrected “Undefined offset: 0” when the price type is not fee
Bug: Fixed extra cart fee name
05.09.2014 version 2.5
Feature: Added range picker field.
Feature: Added cart Fee price type.
Feature: Added setting to control the placement of the extra options and
the totals box.
Feature: Added setting to enable the plugin for specific roles.
Feature: Added import/export functions to forms.
Feature: Lazy load images for radios and checkboxes.
Feature: Added setting to change product image for radios and
Feature: Added ability to hide options in cart.
Feature: Added ability to hide options prices in cart.
Feature: Added price per character for textfields and textareas.
Feature: Added extra styling for radios and checkboxes.
Feature: Added compatibility with WooCommerce Currency Switcher.
Feature: Added compatibility with WooCommerce Quick View.
Improvement: Added setting for hiding uploaded file path from uses by
Improvement: Added populate function for select boxes, radios and
Fix: Date format now supports the date field as well.
Fix: Increased z-index for pop-ups for better display.
Fix: Fixed Force Select Options to propertly redirect to product
Fix: Fixed a bug where products which had exlcluded global options with
required fields were still producing validation errors.
23.08.2014 version 2.4.9
Fix: Corrected Conditional logic for image radios and check boxes
21.08.2014 version 2.4.8
Improvement: Extended the css class for elements to include the ul and div
Feature: Added swatch mode for radio button and checkboxes.
Fix: Corrected shown value for text fields when product is not added to
the cart.
21.08.2014 version 2.4.7
Feature: Performance increase for big number of options.
Fix: Fixed a bug where required elements did not prevent product from
being added to the cart.
19.08.2014 version 2.4.6
Feature: Added option for extra css class to element.
Feature: Added choice to display a single section as a pop up.
Fix: Fixed bug when adding more then 10 sections on builder.
18.08.2014 version 2.4.4
Feature: Added extra class names for sections.
Feature: Added Display override for totals box.
Fix: Corrected grid display.
Fix: Fixed display of urlencoded values for labels with non latin
Fix: Fixed Add element button on Form Builder.
Feature: Added auto update support.
15.08.2014 version 2.4.2
Fixed method exists bug for some servers.
Added url redirection feature to radio buttons and select boxes.
Corrected html display on cart page.
Fixed prices not added for html based labels
Corrected the grid display
Added js trigger tm-epo-after-update after the prices get updated.
Updated the Form Builder.
Corrected php post_limit_vars errors for big forms.
11.08.2014 version 2.4.1
Fix: Fixed strip html for order.
Fix: Options not displaying on orders when bother label and price are
Feature: Added URL redirect setting for radio buttons and select
10.08.2014 version 2.4.0
Fix: Fixed conditional logic to work with required items.
Fix: Fixed ut8 support for fields values.
Fix: Extend Strip HTML from emails to include images.
Feature: Added Form Builder to Products.
Feature: Added notice for successful uploads.
Feature: Added FREE label text replacement setting.
07.08.2014 version 2.3.5
Feature: Added WooCommerce Subscriptions support
Fix: Fixed options duplication issue when theme use more than one
“woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button” action hook.
Fix: Css fixes.
05.08.2014 version 2.3.4
Fix: Corrected the Conditional Logic
Fix: Corrected the grid display
Feature: Enable the Global Form Editor to accept single Products
Feature: Added ability to include an extra text after the price.
04.08.2014 version 2.3.3
Fix: Made the calendar responsive.
Feature: Added option to remover FREE label when product has options.
Feature: Added option to enable a default value for radios,checkboxes and
select boxes.
Feature: Added placeholder for select boxes
Feature: Added option to position description
Feature: Enabled shortcodes on field labels
01.08.2014 version 2.3.2
Fix: Fixed Sections Conditional logic
30.07.2014 version 2.3
Fix: Updated language files to work with Codestyling localization
Fix: Updated css to make fields compatible with foundation.css based
29.07.2014 version 2.2.4
Bug Fixes
26.07.2014 version 2.2
Feature: Added date field.
Feature: Added ability to change Final total and option total
Feature: Added setting to strip html from emails.
Fix: Fixed unicode support for attributes
11.07.2014 version 2.1.3
Bug Fixes
02.07.2014 version
Updated the Form Fields Builder
Update: Replaced most of the filters with new names (kept the old ones for
27.06.2014 version 2.0
Feature: Added 4 global settings.
Feature: Added upload field.
Feature: Added Conditional logic for fields and sections on the global
Form Builder.
Feature: Added 1 section style.
Feature: Added title and description for sections.
Fix: Replaced the woocommerce_tm_custom_price_fields: now accepts the
product id directly.
Feature: Added compatibility with Composite Products.
Feature: Added extra fee filter
Feature: Added filter woocommerce_tm_final_price
Feature: Added option to display fields on the cart with a pop-up
20.06.2014 version 1.3.2
Bug Fixes
15.06.2014 version 1.3.2
Feature: Added choice between fixed or percentage price increase.
14.06.2014 version 1.3.1
Feature: Added limit checkbox selection
14.06.2014 version 1.3
Feature: Added ability to replace checkboxes and radio button with images
on Global Options
Feature: Added ability to choose the grid display for checkboxes and radio
button on Global Options
Bug fixes
12.06.2014 version 1.2.1
Update: Added hide price option to per-product basis
12.06.2014 version 1.2
Feature: Added action hook to enable loading the plugin from outside
woocommerce product screen
11.06.2014 version 1.1.1
Bug fixes
10.06.2014 version 1.1
Feature: Added setting to enable the display of fields using action
Feature: Added setting to disable Global Options on per-prodcut
10.06.2014 version 1.0.1
Bug fixes
05.06.2014 version 1.0
Initial release

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