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CodeCanyon WooMapper – Display WooCommerce Products In Style

– Display WooCommerce Products In Style
Add Pins to images and link them directly to your WooCommerce products with
cool animations and awesome functionality. This wordpress plugin is insanely
customizable. WooMapper is a simple and creative solution for presenting your
WooCommerce products. Packed with tons of options ranging from “Auto-complete
product adding” to tons of CSS and functionality settings, WooMapper can be a
handy tool for your customers. We have prepared 8 different examples of how you
can use WooMapper for your next clothing shop, food shop, furniture shop, office
shop, consumer electronics shop, IT equipment shop, sport gear shop, gift
WooMapper Features
Easy to use – Beginner friendly interface
Step-by-step instructions
Engages the customer in your website
Interactive browsing through products
Perfect for home and product promo
Add as many pins as you want
Display multiple products on one image
Direct link to item page and add to cart
Insanely customizable
Add different pins on same image
Smart responsive design implemented
Award winning customer support
Backend Controls – Pin Settings
Add Custom IconIf you want to use your own custom icon
for the WooMapper you can do so by clicking this button and adding your own
image (one of the styling options for the pin will have effect if you load your
own pin).WooCommerce ProductYou type in the name of
your WooCommerce product here that you want to assign to that specific
pinBackground ColorChange the color of the default
pinBackground TransparencyChange the transparency
of the default pinEnable BorderChoose if you want
to have a border on your default pin or notPin Line
ColorChoose the color for the borderEnable
DotChoose if you want to enable the dot in the middle of the
default pinPin Dot ColorChoose the color for dot in
the middlePin Hover Background ColorChange the
color of the pin when it is hoveredHover Background Transparency
Change the transparency of the pin when it is
hoveredBackground Color Change the color of the
default pinPin Hover Line Color Change the color of
the border when it is hoveredPin Hover Dot Color
Change the color of the dot in the middle when the pin is
WooMapper Change Log
Update: v1.5 – 04.16.2015
– Fixed a bug where the image did not appear in Chrome for iOS

Update: v1.0 – 02.13.2015
– WooCommerce 2.3.X supported
– Added the option to create slider
– Added the option to place the currency before or after the price
– Minor bug fixes

CreditsAll images used in the preview
are only for demo purposes. All the images are copyrighted and licensed to their
respective authors and owners.

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