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ThemeForest REHub – Directory, Shop, Coupon, Affiliate Theme

– Hybrid wordpress template with enhanced affiliate, coupon, directory functions
+ ECWID + WOOCOMMERCE + EasyDigitalDownload + BBPress + Affiliate links builder
REHub is a modern hybrid theme for magazine, blog, review, shop options. It
has emphasis on modern style, content and has different options for affiliate
earnings, coupon and review website and e-shops. So you can use it for different
purposes: from standalone blog to portal with shop, review system, news
magazine, comparison websites, digital products shop.

Examples: Example #1, Example #2, Example #3, Example #4
Note! Theme has 15 custom
templates, 3 widget, 5 custom parsers for plugin. Plugin is not included in
bundle. Buyers of Rehub theme have 60% discount of plugin price. You can also
can get plugin license for free. Read description in video

Examples: Woocommerce
demo page, Ecwid
store demo page, EDD demo page

Examples: Woocommerce
offer in post, Affiliate link offer with countdown, Product offer with links list

Examples: Auto
top list in post, Top offer post with filter in sidebar, Top reviews in full width format, Product offer with links list, Coupons/Offers archive

Description: Directory mode links and examples

Examples: Branded background with top banner, Outcontent banner
Speed optimization
You can check demo site on GTMetrix
Check article in docs – how to get A grade on gtmetrix
of content blocks, page builder, shortcodes
You can build your own layout using tons of different content blocks and
shortcodes for awesome content presentation.
Header customization
You can use block or full width header, change background and color, use
predefinite white, black style or customize color of any part of header. Also,
you can choose different layout of header
product wordpress theme and creating comparison lists
Do you want to create great comparison lists or top reviews pages? It’s easy
now with our theme. You can choose between 3 different designs for comparison
pages and top posts. Also we update these functions and implement new
page (gridlistmagazine, blackwhite header, blockwide)
You can use our home page builder with 13 different content blocks!!! News,
video, sliders, tabs content and woocommerce, etc.
Post formats
Slider, audio post, regular post, video post and review post
Review block has schema format and can be like post review and product review
with offer box and time count (optional). Also each review post has built-in
user rating system
I set up and use more than 50 themes for myself and my clients and I see
sometimes that TF authors want to include maximum features to theme, but all
these functional load together, but most part of these features are not useful.
In REHub theme you can enabledisable everything, from content blocks to
Branded pages
I include in REHub theme enhanced options for branding. You can change
background, cover images, insert link to background, insert branded image, etc.
Also you have 2 banners zone and 2 ads shortcode + shortcode for offerbox,
promobox. You can set branded banner and background for overall site, each
individual post and for categories
Ecwid and WOOCommerce
REHub theme includes full customization for ecwid store and woocommerce
store, so it looks clear, modern and stylish and fit to design of
Schema and rich
If you want to have good looking rich snippets in google – you need to use
microformats. I create 4 different type of this – product page, item review with
author rating, news with users rating, video object.

NOW IN PROGRESS (v 4.8) – Improvements for user reviews
(ajax filter, vote for comments, etc)
v4.7.8 – 4 August 2015
Added: Float social buttons on images in grid loop (for
Repick child theme)
Fixes: Couple fixes for user reviews
Update: Amazon parsers for affiliate EGG now is moved to
plugin. If you have amazon parsers in child theme – remove them. Also, update
plugin to 5.9
v4.7.7 – 2 August 2015
Added: Thumbs buttons to user reviews (enable them in
theme option/reviews)
Improvement: Changed ajax js function to better
compatibility with new jquery versions
Fix: Images for amazon parsers of affiliate egg
v4.7.6 – 27 July 2015
Added: Scorebox shortcode (docs

Improvements: Offer section supports different price
patterns (set them in theme options – localization)
Improvements: Table constructor supports custom post
Fix: price discount label fix for some cases + other
Added:,, custom parsers
for affiliate egg
v4.7.3 + 4.7.4 – 21 July
Fix: long urls are working now in branded area and in
offer url field
Improvements: user review text is formatted now
Improvements: clean up some css
Added: pl_PL localization
v4.7 – 19 June 2015 +
4.7.1 + 4.7.2
Added:Additional woocommerce layout, option to choose 3
or 4 columns in archives
Added: Compact grid module for visual composer
Added: Ability to use html, shortcodes in branded banner
area (in single posts, for category and globally)
Added: de_DE localization (not full)
Improvements: Woocommerce now has slider and carousel for
main image area
Improvements: Woocommerce grid module (now you can choose
up to 6 columns in row)
Fix: Couple of fixes for reviews, EDD, etc
Update: Schema format according to new google rules for
article schema type
v4.6.9 – 14 July 2015
Fix: Jquery issues
v4.6.8 – 13 July 2015
Fix: Pagination bug for custom loops on homepage (for
next, previous buttons)
Fix: Logo url for woocommerce tags
Fix: Compatibility fixes fro different plugins
v4.6.5 + 4.6.6 +
4.6.7 – 10,11 July 2015
Fix: VC shortcode attributes + other
Fix: Fixes for custom parsers for Affiliate Egg
(, Added
v4.6.4 – 9 July 2015
Update: Visual Composer (youtube video backgrounds, new
tabs, accorditions), some speed improvements
Improvement:Now you can set url for brand image in
woocommerce, post offer section (useful for bulk import)
Improvement: Widget construction for compatibility with
4.3 wordpress
Added: New widget Post image grid
Added: parser for affiliate egg plugin. Also
added as default parser (update AE)
v4.6.3 – 4 July 2015
Fixed: Some fixes for footer
Improvement: Now you can choose what schema type to use
for review (review or aggregate review)
Improvement: Option to change color of button separatelly
from theme color
Added: Fixes for custom templates and custom parsers for
Affiliate Egg. Added, parsers (you need update also child
themes if you use them)
v4.6.2 – 30 June 2015
Fix: Some fixes for Affiliate Egg +, added
v4.6.1 – 30 June 2015
Fix: Syntax error on old php version
v4.6 – 28 June 2015
Added: Enhanced support for Affiliate Egg plugin
Added: Meet RE:Pick. New child theme of RE:Hub. Demo
Fix: Many small bugfixes
Fix: prettyPhoto XSS fix
Update: Visual composer to 4.5.3 with prettyPhoto XSS
v4.5.2 – 12 June 2015
Fix: Some small compatibility fixes
v4.5.1 – 10 June 2015
Improvements: Post offer section now works good with any
import plugin + some optimization
v4.5 – 8 June 2015
Fix: Critical bug in admin page (file
v4.4 – 7 June 2015
Added: Categories ajax directory shortcode (example, )
Added: Cartbox module and shortcode (example, )
Added: Option to choose layout for search pages
Added: Ajax function to count post views. So, post views
works with cache plugins now
Added: Post offer panel. Now post offers can be added to
any post format and works with reveal coupons. You can import offers to post
with wp all in one plugin now
Added: Additional deals panel for woocommerce now works
with other woocommerce products
Added: New look of post-previous buttons
Improvements: Tabs widget have more options. Please,
resave your tabs widget
Improvements: Offers block and review is on content hook
Improvements: Top comparison charts have a table look if
has only 2-3 posts
Improvements: Better schema for user reviews
Improvements: Post edit page is not broken now if you
have many woocommerce products
Fix: Line in featured slider for retina display
Fix: Catalogue constructor shows custom read more button
Fix: Filter by tags for woocommerce modules of VC
Deprecate: Second cover background for branded pages
Update: Re:thing child theme
v4.3.3 – 20 May 2015
Added:New template for visual composer (background block
with links)
Fix:some stretching images in mobile view
Update: Visual composer to last version
v4.3.2 – 11 May 2015
Added:Shortcode for links in title for top table
Fix:Mobile menu for RE:Things child theme and many other
small fixes and improvements
Update: RE:Thing child theme
v4.3.1 – 6 May 2015
Added:Option to set url for review slider
Added: Option to set thirstyaffiliates category for top
offers widget
Fix: Custom header background and other small fixes
Update: RE:Thing child theme
v4.3 – 5 May 2015
Added:Meet new Top comparison charts constructor
Added: Better width for non standard mobile resolutions
(like in iphone 6 +). Now layout for mobiles are full width for any
Added: Editor’s score badge in items for top list, top
table pages
Added: Shortcode function for creating affiliate
Update: Update for RE:Thing child theme
Update: Visual Composer plugin update
v4.2.1 – 25 April 2015
Fix:Critical security issue in TGM plugin
Added: Sorting option in review criterias and slider for
v4.2 – 21 April 2015
Added:Meet new TOP TABLE CONSTRUCTOR (see video tutorial
Added: Option to change read more text from theme options

Added: Body font size option
Improvement: Changed breadcrumb function for better use
with custom taxonomy
Improvement: Improvements in tabs module and
Improvement: Small optimizations for images in some
Update: Update for RE:Thing child theme (now included in
main package of ReHub)
Update: MDTF plugin update (more speed and cache options
+ shortcode for sort panel)
v4.1.1 – 6 april 2015
Fix: Fix for datepicker, which sometimes brokes scripts
in admin page
v4.1 – 05 April 2015
Added: Enhanced woocommerce affiliates (coupons for
woocommerce, masked coupons, better logic for external links, etc)
Added: Top offer widget supports woocommerce
Added: Option to connect posts to woocommerce lists of
Added: Woocommerce list for MDTF output template
Improvement: Woocommerce offers list module and
Improvement: Compare and wishlist buttons now interactive
in product archive
Fix: logo + menu layout for block header
Fix: rel nofollow for Button shortcode
Fix: Small fixes for top review shortcode
Update: Countdown now works as shortcode ([wpsm_countdown
year=”2015” month=”04” day=”03” hour=”14”])
Update:Tutorials for auto adding products with wp all in
one import plugin – see
Update: Russian localization + Danish localization
v4.0.1 – 19 March 2015
Added: new header type – logo + menu in one line
Added: styles for mailchimp email form. See docs
Update: Visual composer to 4.4.3 (delete and install
plugin from notice in top of admin pages)
v4.0 – 12 March 2015
Improvement: Better compatibility with ssl protocole
Improvement: Better design for blockquotes
Improvement: Added total score counter in user review
with criterias input
Added: Option in catalogue constructor to show posts by
Added: Widget TOP OFFERS
Added: Option to set custom text for read more (good for
Fix: Google + not correct title when share post
+ BONUS: MEET RE:Thing theme – child theme of RE:Hub. Free for buyers of
Some unique functions of RE:Thing
Love it plugin included
Link post format
Better default fonts and stylish typography
Better design of single posts
New module – columned grid with equal height
Option to choose colors of buttons separately
Demo and how
to get theme
v3.9.4 – 11 Feb 2015
Improvement: Css improvements for compatibility with last
version of woocommerce
v3.9.3 – 11 Feb 2015
Added: Field to use video for top sliders
Added: “Popup on button” module
Added: Option to use infinite scroll for woocommerce grid
Added: Option to disable big full width title on inner
Fix: Review script fix when comments are closed in user
review system
Update: Flexslider to last version
Update: Font awesome icons
Improvement: js optimization (move some inline scripts
from footer to main js file)
v3.9.2 – 4 Feb 2015
Added: New column grid module for visual composer
Added: New module for visual composer for more easy
setting MDTF filters output. See docs
Added: Update in child theme, now all visual composer
custom blocks work also with child theme
Added: Captions for post slider
Update: Deprecated catalogue/filter-masonry template for
MDTF. Use template/grid instead and shortcode [mdf_custom
template=template/grid] Update: Now you can disable share buttons in top of page
and in bottom separately
v3.9.1 – 30 Jan 2015
Fix: Fix in comments for regular posts when you enable
user review system
Fix: Fix for footer widget height when you use slider in
Update: visual composer
v3.9 – 27 Jan 2015
Added: Opening in new window for some blocks
Added: Ability to use grid templates in search pages
Improvement: changed title block on single page + added
social buttons in top of page (you can disable them and insert buttons by
custom plugin)
Improvement: Some js and css optimization
Improvement: Improvements in adblock notificator
Fix: Bug in popular posts widget inside REhub: Tabs

Fix: Fix for woocommerce order page
Fix: Bug fix for user reviews. If you have not correct
overall score of user reviews, create page, enable user review corrector,
publish and view page
Update: deprecated template “Landing page”, use “Page for
visual builder instead” as more complex
v3.8 – 28 Dec 2014
Added: Now you can add links to gallery block in page
Added: Copy with click on coupon code
Added: Option to mask coupon code
Fix: Fix number of posts when more than 1000 in category
Fix: Some small fixes based on user feedbacks
Update: Changed field for menu description (now you need
to use description field, not title)
Update: Redesign and full update of docs files
v3.7 – 20 Dec 2014
Fix: Fix pagination problem in offer template
Fix: Fixing equal height of widgets in footer
Fix: Fix for next – previous pagination in blocks of page
Fix: Fix ie11 menu issue
Added: Added tag description on tag archive page
Added: Added option to change color of link in post
Added: Added shortcode style for sidebar in MDTF plugin
(reinstall plugin from theme bundle if you need it)
Added: Added ability to sort affiliate list
Improvement: Circle design of ratings in top review pages
+ animation
Improvement: Tons of small improvements based on buyer’s
v3.6 – 8 Dec 2014
Added: Some redesign of main menu UI
Added: Added option to add description for link
Added: Added option to choose base for ordering in top
review page
Added: Added blank child theme + some changes for better
compatibility with child theme
Added: 4 templates for ajaxed filtered page for MDTF (see
docs how to use them)
Added: Added ability to insert MDTF slideout search panel
(see docs how to use this) example
Improvement: Added random post ordering in post list
widget, added black color for post list widget
Improvement: Compatibility for uber menu plugin
Improvement: Change possition of currency to front in
affiliate list
Update: Update of MDTF plugin
Note. To update MDTF plugin – delete your current plugin and install again
from theme bundle
v3.5 – 30 Nov 2014
Added: Option to change text on buttons for each
Improvements: Deleted schema code from offer buttons for
preventing schema errors
Improvements: Option to change “Choose offer” text on
button from admin panel
Added: Added placeholders for comment section
Added: Added coupon option to affiliate link builder
Added: Added option to set sale price and old price to
Added: Added option to set date of coupon to affiliate
link builder
Improvement: Changes in affiliate link list for
woocommerce page
Improvement: Change menu for tablets to mobile view
Improvement: Added option to set category of products for
woo carousel
Added: Added new shortcode for creating offer lists
Update: You can use video post format on ssl
Added: Added 2 templates for creating archive of
Thirstylink Offers (grid and list)
Improvement: added share to FB button
Update: Help files
v3.4 – 17 Nov 2014
Fix: fix safari image stretching issue for 1-4 tab and
shop carousel
Improvements: adding more compatibility for captcha
plugins in comment section
v3.3 – 16 Nov 2014
Improvements: More wider layout and redesign
Improvements: Color styles and buttons
Improvements: Video blocks are responsive now
Improvements: Redesign of woocommerce carousel
Improvements: Redesign of home carousel
Improvements: Width of sidebar is 336px now (you can use
super effective adsense ads blocks now)
Added: Full width grid layout for blog
Added: Styles for single specification widget for MDTF
Added: New ads block before footer
Added: Function for post views count
Added: Option to choose popular widget tab based on post
Update: Predefinite image sizes
v3.2.2 – 6 Nov 2014
Fix: fix in person schema + some seo improvements
v3.2.1 – 5 Nov 2014
Fix: fix for broken review box for logined user for
guests review
v3.2 – 4 Nov 2014
Added: user reviews with criterias (beta)
Added: you can use shortcodes in ads slots now
Added: multicolor style of review box
v3.1.1 – 28 Oct 2014
Improvements: Option to disable crop in thumbnails
Improvements: Option to set “read full review” text from
Fixed: Fix for count in top lists with manual
Update: Help files (chapter about feature
v3.1 – 23 Oct 2014
Improvements: speed optimization (changed some images to
icon fonts, create css sprites, deleted unuseful css code and js code)
Improvements: in mobile version. Increased font size and
image size
Fixed: some small w3c bugs
Improvements: Now you can use content in category
description (html and shortcodes are allowed)
v3.0.1 – 19 Oct 2014
Fix: [wpsm_top] shortcode for creating top lists inside
post changed to [wpsm_toplist] for preventing conflict with other
Fix: [wpsm_specification] shortcode is working now
without attributes
Update: help files (check it online
v3.0 – 16 Oct 2014
Added: WordPress Meta Data Filter & Taxonomies Filter
plugin for creating filtered catalogues, directories, listings (see some examples)
Added: Catalogue constructor template
Added: Shortcode for creating specification
Added: Numbered headings shortcode
Added: Top lists inside post shortcode (see demo )
Added: Vimeo social icon in theme options
Fix: crop bug in resizer
Improvements: Option to use custom fields values as
description for top lists
Improvements: Option to disable dotted overlay on
Improvements: Width of content area for mobiles changed
to 300 px
Update: Help files
v2.9.5 – 29 Sep 2014
Improvements: Option to disable resize images of top post
Improvements: Option to fit branded banner to width and
height of screen
Improvements: Option to choose 3 different design of
rating block in comparison lists
Improvement: Change default thumbnails images
Added: Out content ads widget
v2.9.4 – 21 Sep 2014
Improvements: compatibility with SEO by Yoast (deleted
dublicated site name from title)
Fix: deleted word “Array” from news ticker
Added: infinite scroll for grid layouts
Improvement: Timer can be set for all product review
Added: 2 ads slot (after post title and before content)

Added: option to set featured section by tag name
Fixes: small fixes for dark header style and color of
current menu item and other improvements
v2.9.3 – 13 Sep 2014
Improvements: simplifying review schema for better google
Fix: category setting of news ticker
Added: person schema (add url to your google plus to your
Improvement: Design of rating score in comparison lists
(old design with red colors grab too much attention from button)
Improvement: feature section now is disabled from
Added: Option to globally disabling top image from single
Added: Pros and Cons shortcode
v2.9.2 – 2 Sep 2014
Improvements: ability to use woocommerce box shortcode in
any post
Added: related reviews widget
many small fixes and improvements
v2.9.1 – 28 Aug 2014
Fix: issue with not correct place of output for shortcode
of comparison list
v2.9 – 26 Aug 2014
Improvements: in responsive view of top review lists
Fix: in count of posts in post lists widget
Added: options to connect woocommerce products with
affiliate links and review posts
Improvement: ability to have multiple grid layout on
Improvement: responsive view of woocommerce products
Improvement: option to disable price and button in
woocommerce affiliate products (just don’t set any link and price)
Added: shop image in affiliate link builder (just add
image link to category and this image will be used as offer thumbnail)
Update: help files
v2.8.1 – 17 Aug 2014
Improvements: speed optimization when your site has a lot
of categories
Fix: fix for price (when you use price with dot) for
affiliate links block
v2.8 – 13 Aug 2014
Improvements: option to choose descriptions in top
Added: shortcode to add top review list to any page
Added: Ads area before header
v2.7.2 – 6 Aug 2014
Improvements: Main menu
Added: Mega Main Menu compatibility
Added: compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Compare, YITH
WooCommerce Wishlist
Improvement: russian localization
Improvement: built-in shortcode plugin now support
subfolder wordpress installation
Improvement: woocommerce cart link in header now with
v2.7.1 – 1 Aug 2014
Fix: widget work when use localization
Fix: small fix in russian localization
v2.7 – 1 Aug 2014
Added: woocommerce product review post
Added: awesome woocommerce product shortcode (just add
[wpsm_woobox id=”woocommerce product ID”])
Added: compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Compare, YITH
WooCommerce Wishlist
Added: russian localization
Improvement: flex slider preload in posts
Improvement: many small fixes and improvements
v2.6 – 22 July 2014
Improvement: add link to post from image in grid
Improvement: when you don’t set review scores, review
block don’t show
Improvement: option to set background for overlay in
feature slider
Improvement: option to set block width for footer
Improvement: links from branded banners and backgrounds
open in new window
Improvement: options to add rel=”nofollow” and open links
in new window for all affiliate link buttons (for this, please, resave theme
options page)
v2.5.1 – 19 July 2014
Fix: small bug that can cause critical blank page of
Fix: full width logo option
v2.5 – 18 July 2014
Added: option to add slider to review post
Improvement: feature area now work in full-width
Added: fix many validator errors
Fix: small fixes for ecwid css
v2.4 – 14 July 2014
Added: option to manually selection and order for top
review pages
Improvement: grid template has preloader now
v2.3.4 – 14 July 2014
Fix: category pagination in grid template
Fix: slider thumbnails in grid template
Improvement: offer box shortcode
v2.3.1 – 12 July 2014
Fix: mobile menu
Fix: small issue with disqus plugin
v2.3 – 10 July 2014
Added: EasyDigitalDownload plugin compatibility and
Added: Pagination for grid fullwidth template
Fix: icon in sticky mobile menu
Improvement: pagination design
v2.2 – 7 July 2014
Added: Adblock notice for ads (see help files how to add
notice to post ads)
Added: Option to change body font
Improvement: beautiful mobile menu
Fixes: small fix for column shortcode and other
v2.1 – 3 July 2014
Added: Option to change button text for offer block
Added: Option to change sidebar to the left side
Fix: prevent wordpress changing facebook comment
Fixes: button on woocommerce carousel when product is
v2.0 – 1 July 2014
Added: Affiliate links builder integration
Added: Option to delete standart comments and set other
comments widget (facebook, disqus, etc)
Added: 4 style of header (full width logo + 728*90
Added: Full width Grid style page template
Fixes: small fixes and improvements
Update: help files
v1.8.5 – 26 June 2014
Improvement: Now you can choose category in post string
for page builder
Added: Grid layout for blog, archives, category
Added: zip of clone of demo site, please see instructions
at Demo_data folder
Improvement: Post order by review score in top
reviewsproduct pages.
Attention. If you have already top review/product pages, you need to resave
review posts that on this page. Sorry for inconveniences, but this update will
open a way for new future functions and improvements.
v1.8.2 – 22 June 2014
Improvement:Now you can use shortcodes in custom content
block in page builder
Fix: Small bug with overlaping arrows of news ticker in
boxed header
Fix: feature section on home page if no post set
v1.8.1 – 20 June 2014
Added:Option to insert content on top review/product
Fix: Bug with freezing button when enabled auto-saving
Update: Font Awesome font to 4.1.0
Added: Psd source for comparison pages
v1.8 – 19 June 2014
Added:3 NEW designed Top review and product page
Fix: small fix for woocommerce css
Fix: fix language for FB button
v1.7 – 13 June 2014
Added:More powerful option for header customization. Now
you can change color, background of logo zone, colors of top line area,
Added: Option to change style of layout for
Added: Asynchronous load for post share buttons
Update: Change images in header to iconic fonts and bug
v1.6 – 11 June 2014
Fix: sticky post bug in default slider
Fix: bug in custom widget when no post founded
Added: WPML compatibility
Vafpress Framework here
Some graphic from,,
shelf psd mockup
Carousel – CarouFredSel
jquery plugin
Font Awesome – Icons.
Carousel – CarouFredSel
jquery plugin
Slider – FlexSlider jquery plugin
Countdown – CountDown plugin by littlewebthings project
Lightbox – Prettyphoto
Vertical newsscroll – totemticker
inview plugin
Sticky js
WP Image
Resizer v1.2.1
Photos of gadgets and devices that you can see in preview pictures – are
not available in sources. But you can download them here

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